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Karel Nekola, is an experienced coach with over two decades of expertise. As a former skater, he achieved the title of National Champion at both junior and senior levels. His impressive skating career led him to compete in prestigious events such as the Junior World Championships, European Championships, and World Championships.

In 2001, Karel transitioned into coaching, embarking on a journey that has taken him across Europe. His coaching path has been diverse: from being the head coach in Merano, Italy, to coaching in Linz, Austria, and later in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Currently, Karel dons the coaching hat in Teplice (Czech Republic) and Dresden (Germany).

In addition to coaching, Karel has participated in several shows around the world. These include Holiday on Ice, Willy Bietak productions (on ships), and currently, he is involved in Czech productions such as ‘The Nutcracker´

Lucie Kadlcáková specializes in Choreography, Ice Dance, and Solo Dance. 

As an ice dancer, she has achieved several ISU Junior Grand Prix medals and secured a 10th place at the World Junior Championship. 

From 2015 to 2019, she served as the Head Coach at RSIK in Rødovre. 

Lucie has actively participated in ISU seminars, international competitions, and Junior Grand Prix events. Recently, one of her teams successfully qualified for the Gangwon - Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024.

Lucie is fluent in Czech and English

Brad Baudach, born in South Africa, has been an active ice skater since the age of 6. He has competed at the national team and  showcased his talent in international competitions. 

In 1990, Brad became a part of the Holiday on Ice ensemble, captivating audiences worldwide with his significant role in the show. In 2008, he showcased his skills on Danish TV in an entertainment program called ‘Varm på is’ (Hot on Ice), where he danced and partnered with another Danish character.

His professional journey continued as coach in Denmark, where he primarily served at the club SKK, Skøjteklub København.

Beyond skating, Brad serves as Head of Denmark’s largest private international Secondary School. For many years he has been teaching subjects like economics, mathematics, and physical education

Brad is fluent in English and Danish

Keiran Araza, a dynamic and versatile dancer, thrives in both the underground scene and the professional dance industry. He’s a member of the Diversity Skankaz Crew.

Kerian has graced music videos for artists like Mund De Carlo, RH, Christopher, The Joker, and Szhirley. His Afrobeat moves have lit up stages at events such as Copenhagen Pride, Nordic Break League, and Dancehall Madness. 

Additionally, he’s battled it out in competitions, securing victories like the RUST Battle and making it to the semifinals of Xmas Jam 2017 and 2019.

Keiran’s passion for dance extends beyond the stage, as he also teaches at the Hotstepper dance school, as in the skating club GSF, Gladsaxe. Keiran began ice skating at the tender age of 2. Over the course of his career, he has won the Danish Championships in all categories and participated in international Junior Grand Prix competitions.

Kerian is fluent in English and Danish

Sally Tautoft is a graduate correspondent in English/French from CBS (Copenhagen Business School).

She became a certified yoga teacher in 1991 and since, she has devoted herself to full-time work as a yoga teacher and founded Misa Yoga. In 2004, she took on the role of educational leader and expanded in 2005 to establish the Misa Yoga School, where she now trains and educate yoga teachers in 1-2 year programs.

Over the past 34 years, Sally has taught and trained extensively in yoga and body therapy courses both in Denmark and abroad. She has also participated in numerous workshops related to stress management and personal development.

In addition, Sally has organized yoga retreats to destinations such as Greece, India, Madeira, Turkey, and Thailand, as well as shorter and longer retreats within Denmark.

Her teaching style primarily focuses on **hatha yoga** (gentle, slow stretches), **dynamic yoga flow** (strength and endurance), **yogalates** (a fusion of yoga and pilates with similar alignment principles as yoga), and meditation and relaxation.

Sally is fluent in English, Swedish and Danish

Karel Nekola, Camp week 30, 2024 in Tepliche - Czech Republic - INVITATION CLICK HERE - FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK - CLICK HERE

Brad Baudach, Camp week 28 + 29, 2024 in Praughe - Czech Republic - INVITATION CLICK HERE - FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK- CLICK HERE


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